The Confluence of Style and Sentiment

 The Remembrance of Joy

Retrouvailles is less of a words and more of a feeling. The French use this term to describe the exuberance one experiences when reuniting with a loved one after a long period of separation. It’s the end of anguish, of longing.

It’s the remembrance of joy.

In launching Retrouvailles in 2020, we set out to inspire more everyday moments of joy through our distinguished, high-quality accessories. After all, one puts on their favorite hat as they head out the door—to walk old, familiar streets, to meet beloved friends, to celebrate. Adding a hat to an outfit signifies that it’s time to go, to start something fresh, and to create a new memory.

It’s our wish that your Retrouvailles hat accompanies you on many of life’s special and beautiful moments.

Stephanie A. Strasnick
Founder and CEO